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Training and Support

At Resicert we offer a business model that is geared to success of the licensee and Resicert.

Extensive Initial Training

Resicert will provide you with an intensive five day training program that will teach you how to successfully complete all inspections. This includes how to use the tools we provide, how to understand the reports, and several ride-alongs with a trained inspector so you can perform actual inspections.

Ongoing Training

Resicert also provides ongoing training in management skills and marketing principles to help better run and expand your business. In addition, we provide training on any new systems or methods that may be needed as we progress in the industry.

Technological Support, State of the Art Systems

Resicert provides you with all the technology you will need to successfully run your business. This includes a complete staff of technicians who will be able to diagnose and fix any problems you may encounter. In addition, we are always working on fine tuning our systems to ensure we are always on the leading edge of the industry.

Back Office and Administration Support

At Resicert we provide you with all the back office and administration support you need. From billing and collections, accounts payable, payroll, mailing reports, scheduling and estimates, our staff will take all these time consuming tasks away from you allowing you more time to work on what actually makes you money: marketing for new business, customer service, follow-ups and networking.

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