About Us

Resicert began in 2009 when the founder (a chartered professional engineer) Paul Antonelli and his wife Robyn were looking for a way to live the way they wanted to, earning a good living while setting their own schedules, allowing them to spend more time at home with their family.

They built the Resicert model around three key principles:

  1. Income potential that you control.
  2. Control over when and how much they would work.
  3. Be able to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed.

Since 2009 we have delivered over 100,000+ inspections all over Australia. Our clients have given us an overall rating 9.2 out of 10. Our franchisee who have been in business two years or more are earning an average annual income of $101,000. Over the last four years our average annual growth has been an amazing 126.75%.

We have achieved this success by supporting our franchisee and helping them be successful. Resicert has taken all the time consuming tasks like billing, chasing clients for money, mailing reports, and most bookkeeping functions away from their franchisee allowing them to spend more time doing what makes them money – inspections, attention to customers and building relationships to develop more business.

Don’t Expect, Inspect!

Get the best results possible from your property experience.

Get insider’s advice on how to increase your returns, save money and avoid the common pitfalls.

Whether you’re buying, selling, building, renovating or investing, Don’t expect, inspect! has valuable tips, essential knowledge and useful checklists for you. Get the data you need to be able to size up a home properly and not have to make guesses or rely on information you don’t know is true.

The book is available now to purchase as a hard copy or digitally!