Licensees Testimonials

Control over my time As a licensed inspector, I enjoy the control that I have over my time. It means that I can work and arrange to be present at home for major events. I also enjoy the fact that the harder I work, the more money I get.
Daniel McCullen
Licensee - Western Australia
A New Career And Many Positive Changes Joining the Resicert Team has brought about many positive changes in both my working life and importantly my personal life. I have really enjoyed the transition into a new career where I can utilize a wide range of skill sets I already have and add to these along the way through training and positive experiences when engaging in the process of marketing and building relationships for property inspections. My personal life has benefited greatly through being my own boss, running my own business and setting my own schedules. I feel very relaxed in this role and am able to spend more quality time with my family which seemed to elude me in my previous vocations.
Jason Cotton
Licensee - Western Australia
Proficient Systems to do Business
I feel in control of my destiny since coming to play with Resicert. I have never seen a company with such proficient systems to do business with, Resicert's use of technology exceed the systems of our top four Australian banks.
Evan Fittinghoff
Licensee - New South Wales
Home-based and Flexible Hours
Becoming a Resicert Licensee has improved my work life by giving me the flexibility of time I did not have previously. Working from a home base is also another major positive for me, which also ties in with the time flexibility aspect of the role. Working from home and having a certain amount of flexibility in how I schedule my work week has also been a positive on my personal life and I have been able to spend more quality time with my family, which is very important to me.
Elio Martinello
Licensee - Victoria
Organised and Controlled
I found the Resicert business model ‘enlightening’. The Hubbard management system was a real Eureka moment! I have found the whole learning process organised and controlled.
Wayne Pemberton
Licensee - Western Australia
Great Balance between Work and Lifestyle with a very admirable income
Would I recommend joining Resicert to others? Yes, Definitely! Since joining Resicert I have never looked back. Resicert provides a great balance between work and lifestyle whilst generating a very admirable income. Having a corporate culture and relationship building model makes Resicert a very rewarding venture to undertake.
Jordan Attard
Licensee - New South Wales
More Time to Spend With Family
Buying a Resicert license has provided me with an opportunity to do what I like to do, which is building and growing a business, work with people, be customer oriented and enjoy the positive feedback. It also provided me with the flexibility I need for my private life. The work/life balance is good, I have more time to spend with my family. I am pretty sure that when my business is at cruising altitude, it will give me all the satisfaction I was/am looking for.
Dirk Beelen
Licensee - South Australia