The Resicert Model

Since we began in 2009, we have been perfecting our business model. With the help of our current franchisee we believe we have developed a model that will help you develop a business where you will get out of it …what you but into it.

  • Designated Marketing Territory - where you can expand your contacts and create a large referral base, allowing you to build your business close to home.
  • Proven Income Potential – Our current licensed inspectors that have been with us for at least two years are earning an average of $101 K +.
  • Complete Marketing and Sales Program – We roll out a marketing campaign specific to your area to help you build business as fast as possible and make you known in your area.
  • Saleable Investment – You can sell your business if you desire and recap or improve your initial investment. (Of course any potential buyer will need to meet our requirements).
  • No Substantial Overhead Required – You will not need to make a substantial initial investment. All you need to begin is a vehicle, a phone, internet and the right working tools. We provide the rest.
  • Latest Online Systems and Technologies – We provide you with the latest in online systems and technologies along with the support to go with them. This includes automated quoting, confirmed booking, collections and receiving client feedback.
  • Proven Reputation for Quality – Resicert has a proven reputation for quality throughout Australia. This will help you as you begin to build your business and your own reputation for quality.

We have achieved success by supporting
our licensees and helping them to be successful.

Since 2009 we have delivered over 100,000+ inspection all over Australia
Our clients have given us an overall rating of 9.6 out of 10
Our licensees who have been in business two years or more are earning an average anual income of over $100,000